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Established in 2020 my school is a place where all levels of knowledge and experience can come to read and engage with an insightful, unique brand of occult philosophy. This is a place where I am able to share my years of knowledge and experience working and experimenting with spiritual practice, magick and occultism. Here I am able to offer you a unique experience using articles, guest creators, art, interactive sessions, workshops and links to my other media outlets. Creating a rich learning experience and tapestry of ideas, philosophies and usable foundational knowledge.  

My aim is to create content which helps you to fill in the gaps in your spiritual knowledge, encourage your own critical thought and self learning and enable open dialogue and questions. 

I do not have all the answers. I do however have twenty years of practising magick, occult research and ten years working in the occult field as a professional tarot reader, occult teacher and alternative therapy practitioner. 

I have kept the cost of the tires super low. My aim is to create content in a substainable way Lasting way. With your help i can do this regularly and continue to output the best of my psychic, divination and occult knowledge to everyone who wishes to participate. 

thank you. Hazel 

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