Reviews and testimonials

Real reviews left be real clients, some of whom are regulars, some total strangers. 
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@hallowed library 
"i've just had my tarot read by the super talented @hex_tarot.
this is by far the most intuitive and accurate reading I've ever had. It was absolute truth and the message I needed to hearwas crystal clear. I cannot recommend Hazel enogh. Mine was read over WhatsApp so it doesn't matter where you are, she can give you a life-chaniging reading."

"hey Hazel, just want to say thank you so much for your beautiful read. You truly have a special gift and it's confirmation for me where I need to be headed as i am studying towards nursing, so was quite blown away! Thank you so much again, next time will have to book it via video. Thank you also for being accommodating."

just had an amazing reading with @hex_tarot. I purchased a 1 card pull and she told me so much from just one question I asked. She was very accurate. Being a reader myself i can tell she truly has gifts. Thank you so much again! Will be coming back to you! Anyone thinking about booking with her, please do, she's worth it"

wow wow wow!!! I got goosebumps, You are so on point about the past! The fact that you said i have to focus on carreer/financiallty made me confirm my feelings i had the last few weeks about this. 
...thank you very much!! I liked it a lot and surely will come back to you!!"