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Palm reading and hand analysis



Palmistry is the mystical practice of analyzing the hand to ascertain your character and future.

The lines on our hand are created by our nervous system, our lines change every eight to twelve months. Palm reading is a great tool if you want to know about your potential and life journey. It can help you work out patterns in your behaviour and potential pitfalls. Palm reading covers career, wealth temperament, past, your view on relationships and health.

In my palm readings I do not cover any information about other people. For example, I can't tell you if your children are happy, or if someone loves you. Palm readings are specific to the individual. But i cant see where and when you will have worry and cause for concern.

When you purchase this reading please send clear, well lit pictures of both the front and back of your hands.

I will make an in depth analysis of your hand and email you back the results. I can also offer face to face booking for local customers.

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