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Tarot readings

£15.00 - £30.00

My tarot readings are predictive, intuitive, often have psychic elements.

I use the traditional esoteric meanings of the cards to offer a solution focused approach to your questions. The readings are motivational and upbeat with a focus on helping you realise your own potential to navigate life's highs and lows.

Full reading can take from 30 to 60 minutes.

Please refer to the Frequently asked questions page for information on how you can receive your readings or any other query you may have.

I can use tarot or Lenormand cars or oracle cards. Even a commination to tailor this reading to your needs.

I offer a range of ways I can deliver the reading to you. I offer phone, video, email, message and instagram audio readings. PLEAS LET ME KNOW HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE YOUR READING. (DON’T FORGE TO ADD YOUR INSTAGRAM HANDLE ).

I use various spreads depending on your question for general readings

I can read for love, career, family, health and all other aspect of life.

Please choose the type of reading you want below or contact me via instagram for questions

Instagram @hex_tarot

Once you have booked a reading with me i will contact you via the contact details you provide and book you a slot.

I hope to have a booking system for you up soon.

Thank you for your booking

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