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Karmic past life reading


This spread is a completely unique powerful tool to help you connect with ancestral karma, generational curses and fortune, your ancestral guides, personal guides and elemental energies. The reading also looks at your own passed lives and past life karma.

This is a deeply healing reading. The reading works like a medicine wheel, which offers you the deep truths about your soul and your ancestors from the truth you currently stand in. It enables you to connect with those aspects of your past lives, genetic ties and karma which are most relevant to your reality. This reading will also connect you to karma and energy from your mother and father's bloodlines, as well as your own past life karma, sky elementals (like angels or conscious beings), earth spirits (like the fae), animal guides, and shamanic guides. This reading is so completely personal to each person, no one person has the same animal guide or earth elemental. On occasion I have found that family ancestors can be present reading of more than one person if they are related. Sometimes guides and ancestral ties can be absent and other aspects are more important factors in your healing and journey, like karma. This is dependent on your personal journey and beliefs, the reading can channel this energy and there is no need to discuss your beliefs or history with me prior to the reading.

You can be of any faith and belief and this reading will work in conjunction with those practices. The tone of the reading is nurturing and empowering. It is available as a tool for you to gain a deeper connection with your deities, guides and ancestors to help you to feel supported by their love and guidance. Of all the readings I offer this is closest to a physic reading. I use native american cards, not traditional tarot and channel much of the information from these card. The readings are around 1.5/2hrs long in some cases. I prefer to send these readings via report format.

Please note I am not a medium. On occasion I might receive or pick up information around your guide who may be relatives who have passed. These readings are not designed to bring forward relatives. I work openly and honestly with you to try and piece together the information I receive from the cards and your energy.

Who will benefit from this reading?

~Those who enjoy my spiritual posts and philosophy on Instagram.

~Those interested in their past lives

~Those seeking healing from family traumas or acknowledgment. Or feeling they have ancestral blockages.

~Those who feel their karma has become convoluted or blocked but aren’t sure why.

~Those seeking another tool on their journey of spiritual growth and healing.

~Those curious and their using this reading to connect with their deities and guides.

I can offer face to face. Video call or telephone readings But i prefer to deliver them as reports as they contain a lot of information and it may be useful for you to keep a record. When you purchase your reading please select who you would like to receive your reading. I will email you to confirm your choice, date and time.

Please note, this is a psychic mediumship reading. i use my intuitions and psychic skills to invite information about you to this reading, at your request. it takes a long time usually two hours. I use my psychic skills and a very specific tarot deck which is only used for these readings to help my peace together this information for you. I CAN ONLY DO THESE READINGS WHEN THE ENERGY IS RIGHT. It can take a while for you to receive your readings. Once you have purchased this reading I will book you in a time and you will be given a rough guide for the date the reading will be ready. Clients usually wait up to 7/14 days for this kind of reading.

You can get this reading more than once. it is likely even with different cards i will pick up some of the same characters and energies, but as you progress with your life your guides will offer you fresh information to work through.

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