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Astrological birth chart interpretations


This is an exclusive in depth report made drawn up from your unique astrological map at the time you where born.

In this report I looks at your life path and karma, past life factors, wounds, strengths and challenges. This reading can help you to put all the pieces you already know about your birth chart like your sun moon and rising sign together. It will offer you a deeper interpretation and understanding for all the placements of the planets signs in your unique the birth chart.

I go in to great detail about the energy of the planets, using traditional Hellenistic and modern astrology I work out which are the most beneficial astrological tool you poses to make the most of fate opportunities and i take a deep look at aspects of your shadow self and elements you might struggle with.

These reading can be surprisingly predictive. Please note in the description if you would like to focus the reading on one area of your life more, like love and relationships, career and work, life path or home and family or anything else.

For this reading i only use your birth (natal) chart and not any other planetary transits.

You must give me;

Your name,
Assigned gender,
Date of birth
Time of birth (*this is very important please include)
Place of birth town and country (*also important)

Please select if you would like a live zoom, face to face reading or report.

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